Chh Records

    .Then Two of the Member Viz Deacon

    Bond & Br Danll Hardy withdrew.

    because it was Objected agt their Voting

    for the Reason as it was said of their

    not being Town Inhabitants  ___

    .Now 32 Members present & the

    Moderator calls for the Votes for a

    Pastor. & after many things being

    said.  Votes were brot in. and ___

    18 for Mr Adoniram Judson & [the]

    & Accordingly it was declared by the

    Moderator that the Chh had made

    Choice of Mr Adoniram Judson for

    their Pastor ____  Majority   4____

    Then 3d Voted there be a Committee of

    three Viz Br Samuel Forbush

    Br Jona Grout ____ &

    Br Ebenr Chamberlain Jur

    To wait on the Select Men with a Copy

    of the foregoing Votes Relative to Mr

    Adoniram Judson. & Request. that they

    call a Town Meeting to see if the

    Town will concur with the Chh

    in giving Mr Adoniram Judson a Call

    to Settle with them in the Work

    of the Ministry ___  ___

    ________  ___

    Then the Chh Attend to Concerns of

    an adjournment made Sept 3 Relative

    to Br Danl Adams