Some remains of Hope. Upon This ye Chh pre

    :sently agreed to Send another Commtee, and

    the Persons Voted for  were Ensign Thomas

    Forbush, Brr Jonathan Whipple, & Brr Seth



    March 5.  The Lords Supper was administred, &

    Mehetabel, of David & Dinah Goodenow bapt.

    _____ 12. Elisha, of Daniel & Abigail Forbush, bapt.

    _____ 19. Aaron, of Joseph &



    & Thomas, of Thomas & Persis Goodenow

    _____ 26. Abigail, of Samuel Gamel bapt.

    Apr. 2. Zebulon Rice ownd ye Covt &

    Ann, of Benj. & Eliz. Winchester

    Joseph, of Samuel & Eliz: Harrington


    & Persis, of Zebulon & Abigl Rice

    _____ 16. Mercy Rogers, wife of Willm Rogers, was

    admitted into the Chh.


      The Sacramt of ye Lords Supper administrd &

    Joseph ye son of Martin Pratt, whose wife was a mem:

    :ber of ye Chh of Hopkinton, was baptized.

    Chh Meetg

    19. After Association Lecture, ye Chh was

    to choose

    stoptd according to appointmt ___


    ___ The Beginning of ye 6th Chp. of Acts read &


    Some observations were made upon it; & then

    Votes for a Deacon were calld for. &

    The Majority was for Brr Thomas Forbush

    This being dispatchd, the Choice of another Deacon

    was proposd, and Complyd with.

    Voted that Deacon Fay be appointed by ye Pastor

    of ye Chh to receive ye votes of ye Chh for another

    ^ to be

    Deacon, during his Absence ^ with ye Assocn then at