___Chh- Records.



    Aug. 20. David Batherick made profession of


    Religion, and was baptized.


    ____ 27. David Bathrick & Lydia his Wife


    were admitted into full Communion, and


    the Lords Supper was also administred.



    The same Day Hephzibah, of Stephen


    & Thankfull Maynard was baptizd


    Sept. 3.  At the New Meeting House,


    Jonathan, Solomon & Anna, of David and


    Lydia Bathrick; and Deborah of Eleazr


    & Mary Whitney were baptizd.


    24. Olive, of Ephm and Mary Bruce, baptizd.


    Oct. 1. Eli, of Saml & Eliz. Harrington, baptizd.


    The Chh was Stopd and a Letter to us from the

    Letter from


    first Chh of Cht in Sutton desiring assistce in

    Sutton 1 Chh


    Council, wth Six other Chhs, on ye 17th Currant


    But ye Request of ye Letter was not Voted.


    ____8. A Letter from Shrewsbury first Chh was

    Letter from


    Comm.ted to ye Chh, requesting assistance in Council



    there, on ye 11th instant, wc was voted &

    First Chh


    That yre be Two Delegates.


    That Brr Baker be one ___ That Brr Fran. Whipple be ye other.


    ===NB. The Sacrt of ye Lords Supper had been admin.


    (in the Foreprt of ye Afternoon) as usual.


    __ 29. Moses & Aaron, twin Children of Solomon


    & Anna Rice, were baptiz’d.


    Nov. 12. Daniel, of Phinehas & Prudence


    Hardy. (being their Twelfth Child, & all now


    living) was baptized.


    19. Elizabeth, Wife of James Millar junr &


    Mehitabel, wife of Moses Brigham; likewise


    Margaret, wife of James Millar (recommended to


    us from ye West Chh in Sudbury) were admitted


    into Chh Fellowship and ye same day


    The Sacrt of ye Lords Supper was administd