_Chh - Records____


    dismissd, and are to be recommended to

    the Chh in ye North part of the Town.

    Nov. 20. The Lords Supper administred.__


    Decr 18. The Chh was stoppd to hear a

    Letter from the Second Chh in Shrewsbury

    Letter from

    desiring our Assistce in Council, on acct

    2d Chh in

    of various Difficulitys which ye Pastor


    and Chh labour under; in particular wth

    not complyd

    regard to his Subsistence among ym NB


    he had heretofore addressd the Quarter Sessions

    accg to Law; and he exhibited a Complaint to

    ye Chh Nov. 8 last ^ in wc he has these words

    ^ wc being

    “That ye past Conduct and present State of ys

    annexd to

    Parish are Such as afford me no Prospect of

    ye Letter

    Peace and Comfort in ye Ministry among you”

    was read;

    But when it was put to Vote, whether ys Chh

    wd Comply wth their Request, there was not a

    Major part that lifted up their Hands.  So yt

    the Chh were dismiss’d as usual. _______


    Jan. 1. 1758. Thankfull, of Stephen Maynd


    & Jonn of Jonn & Abigl Rolf, were bapt.

    NB Jonn Rolf had ownd ye Covt in Middleton,

    & his Wife is a member of ye Chh in Concord.

    ___ 8. Timothy, of Reuben & Dorthy Maynd bapt.

    NB. They had ownd ye Covt in Shrewsbury 1. Chh.

    Feb. 12. Hannah, of Ebenezer and

    Hannah Parkman, was baptiz’d.

    Also Anna Green, heretofore Bradish

    was dismissd & ^ to be recommended to ye Chh in


    ____ 19. Mehitabel, of Moses & Mehita-

    bel Brigham, baptiz’d.

    March 5. The Chh was Stayd & Robt Cooks

    Paper of acknowledgmt was read, wth his

    Addition ^; & after Some Debating upon

    ^ to it.