_Chh - Records.

    it must be as considering her to be a

    Member of the Chh in Bolton, having

    joind to that Chh wn it was in good or-

    der; that she also has, for ought we know,

    walkd orderly; and the Providence of

    God having cast her Lot here, wd therefore

    condescend to receive her to Communion.

    This having been said by the Pastor,

    and it being urgd to put her Request

    as it was in her Paper, it was offerd __ &

    it passd in the Affirmative ___ The Pastor

    still declaring how only, he could ad-

    minister to her; for asmuch as he

    was offended with that Society in Bol

    ton, and was ready to give his Reasons


    The Meeting was by Vote adjournd

    to the first Monday in April, at 2 p.m.

    ===Concluded with Prayer & Blessing.

    March 16. being public Fast,

    Eunice Rice appeard before the

    Congregation: her Confession was

    read and the Chh voted her restora-

    tion to their Charity.


    ___  19. The Lords Supper administd

    26. Sarah, of Jonn & Hannah Grout, bap.

    April 2. Tabitha, of Const. & Jem. Hardy, bap.

    The Brethren of ye Chh were informd

    yt tho ye Chh-Meeting stood adjourn’d

    to tomorrow 1.o’Clock p.m, yet by a

    written Request Signd by Deacon

    Bond, in behalf of many others, I

    was desird to have it deferrd till ye

    next Day.  I accly proposd & no Objn