Chh- Records._


    also Samuel-Adams, of James and

    Mary Godfry, were baptizd.

    Dec. 1. Jonathan & Joanna Fay

    requested the Ordince of Baptism might

    be administred to a Child which yy had

    taken ^ and appearing before ye Chh &

    ^ to bring

    Congregation, each of them promisd to take


    Care of the Childs Education, & to bring him

    up in the Nurture & Admonition of ye Lord.

    Upon which the Chh voted their Consent

    to ye Adminn

    He was accordingly baptizd by ye name ^of Atkins.

    also Josiah, of Jonn & Eunice Childs was baptd also.

    29. Lucy, of Francis jr & Pris.Whipple bapt.

    ==== Janry 12. 1777. Harrington jur


    was admitted into full Communn wth ys Chh.

    Betty, of Phin. & Persis Gleason &

    Abigail, of Hanh & Hephz. Parker, were baptd

    Feb. 16. Elizth of Joseph & Martha Baker bapt.

    March 16. Breck Parkman was ad-

    mitted into full Communion wth ys Chh.

    & Elias, of James & Thomasin, Bellows, bapt.

    _____ 23. The Lds Supper was admind


    _30. Levi, of Levi & Deborah Warrin &

    Elisha, of Solomon & Jemima Woods, bapt.

    Apr. 13. Lydia, of Francis &

    Pierce, bapt.

    27. Jacob-Amsden, of Abijah & Susanna Gale, bapt.

    May 4. Admind ye Sacramt of ye Lds Supper.


    ___  Isaac, of Isaac & Sarah Adams, bapt.

    18. A Contribution for ye Relief


    of Mr. Samuel Goodnow of Elizabeth

    for Mr S.