March 6. The Sacrt administred.


    27. Sarah, of Ebenr and

    Hannah Parkman


    and Lucy, of Beriah & Mary Rice

    Apr. 3. Grace, of Jonath: & Abig. Livermore

    Lucy, of Thos & Lydia Warrin

    Amos, of Jacob & Hannah Rice

    Nathaniel, of Thomas & Sarah Billing


    Hannah of Jesse & Phebe Maynard

    William, of Timothy & Lydia Fay

    Hannah, of William & Mary Caruth.

    NB This administern to ^ theabove mentiond seven was

    at ye House of Mr Nathl Oake (where ye publick As

    =sembly ^ was Commonly held) But this not before

    ^ of that

    I had laid it before the Chh & Congregn of ye

    Corner of

    Town, and obtaind their Concurrence; nor was it

    ye Town

    till I had stopd ye Chh members of ye North side

    of ye Town to make Enquiry into their Meeting

    by themselves ^ and known of ym that the Reasons

    ^ that I

    of their so doing were not from Negligence, Dis

    might be

    :gust &c but because of yeir inconvenient Distance

    certifyd of

    & Difficulty of yeir & their Childrens Travelling to

    the true

    ye meeting House; nor till it was known what faithfss

    Cause, and

    yy had used in improveg ye Means of public Instruction

    also the

    among them, & Dispensation of ye Pure & holy Gos


    :pel of Jesus Cht. Yet it was intimated to ym yt ye


    Chh ought to have expected some Word Concerng

    their Absence, and yt ye Neglect yrof was undoubtedly

    a breach of Chh Order; inasmuch as by or Chh Covt

    We must

    we are expressly bound to hold Communion in the


    word & Sacraments. Unto wc ye Brethern manifested yeir

    Chh Fellow

    Concurrence; as well as yt yy Desird ^ to approve yms. Gs

    :ship &


    ^ & purposd