to lay before a Council. And ^ yy Notified

    of the Allegations against him previous

    to the calling a Council ______

    Mrs Adams being present yt the

    Question was put whether it be the

    Minds of this Chh to call on Her to


    whether She would join in calling a

    Council for the aforesaid purposes ____

    and it passed in the afermative ___

    then the question was asked Mrs

    Adams whether She would ^ join with the

    Chh in Refering the whole difficulty

    between her and her husband to a

    Council. & She answered She had

    no thought of it ______

    2  Voted to hear the Report of a Former

    Commtte  Viz ___

    Jona Bond

    John Belknap

    James Hawes __

    Chosen in Octr last part to take into

    Consideration papers Relative to

    the Woman. after hearing their


    3 Voted to Recommitt the whole matter

    Respecting Br. Adams & his Wife