Chh - Records.


    of Assistance in ye Ordination of Mr James

    on ye occasion

    Wellman __ The Chh Voted Complyance

    of ye Ordinn

    wth it. But when ye No of Delegates was pro-

    of Mr Well-

    posd, there arose some Debate __ wc causd us


    to defer the Affair to Next Thursday___

    _24. After Lecture, the Chh Stayd, & ^ pro-

    ^ yre appearing

    ceeded to the Bus’ness abovesaid.

    an Earnest De-

    Voted, that Two be the Number of Delegates

    sire to have

    from this Chh to accompany the Pastor, in

    the Result of

    The ^ sd Ordn(of Mr James Wellman over  ye Second

    ye late Council

    Chh of Cht in Sutton

    at Grafton

    Voted, That Brr S. Williams be the First.

    read, it was

    Voted, That Brr J. Miller be the other.

    read accly ___

    ===This being dispatchd, A Letter from ye Chh of

    And then,

    Cht in Narragansett No 2 ^ to this Chh re-

    ^ of wc Mr Eli-

    questing Help, in Conjunction with Six Chhs more

    sha Marsh

    to sit in Council on ye 3d Wednesday of October

    is pastor,

    next, upon Difficultyes & Dissensions arisen there;

    was read __ but ye Pastor refusing to go, (there

    having been Some disagreemt between him &

    Said Mr Marsh) this Chh also refused to send.

    But ye Pastor acquainted ye Brethren that he

    Shd make Return for ^the regard yt had been shewn

    to us upon this Occasion.  And then ye Chh was

    dismissd (as usual) with the Blessing. ______


    27.  Joseph Bowker was admitted into the

    Chh, and ye Sacrt of ye Lords Supper administd


    Octob. 11. Hannah, of Saml & Margaret Forbush

    of Upton, baptized____

    Nov. 1. Martha, of Elijah & Sarah Rice, bapt.

    _____ 8. The Lords Supper was administred ____


    NB Rev. Mr Rice of Sturbridge present, &

    preachd p.m.

    ___ 22. Richard, of Richard & Eliz. Barns

    Ebenezer, of Ebenr & Amy Maynd      bapt.