___Chh – Records.___

    the Assembly; and it being Solemnly

    put to them whether they wd take Special

    and peculiar Care of ye Education of

    ^ & now

    the Child which they had taken ^ that is, to bring


    it up in ye Nurture & Admonition of ye Lord,?

    to Baptism

    and they, both of ym, consenting thereto, as

    (ye Dauter

    engaging it, the Child was baptizd, by ye

    of John &

    name of Martha.


    Jane- King

    Daniel, of Ebenr & Sarah Maynard, bapt.


    Sept. 21. The Chh at Cold- Spring has

    again writ to this Chh desiring our

    Assistce in Ecclesiastical Council there.

    Their letter was read to ye Chh __ but

    the Affair was left to Consideration

    Sept. 21. This was ye Day in wc the

    Affair of Cold-Spring shd have been

    transacted __ The Chh was Stopd __ but yre

    were not so many at the Meeting as if it had

    been a fair Day ___ and yrf  ye Brethren

    were askd whether yy were o’ mind to go on

    now, or ^ wd difer ye transacting ye Cold-Spring Af.

    fair to anor Time? __ There was in ye Votes

    a Tie __ The Pastor was therefore obligd

    to adjourn ___ & this was yrf done to ye next

    Wednesday 3. p.m.

    24. One motive to adjourning ye Chh

    meeting was ye Hope of more to attend:

    yet it so fell out yt yre were less __ But ye

    Bus’ness could not be deferrd any longer.

    The Request of ye Chh in Cold-Spring was

    Voted to be complyd wth, unanimously.

    Voted yt ye Number of Delegates be 2.

    Voted yt Brr Eds Whipple be one.