__Chh - Records._

    & Dinah, of Charles & Phebe Woods, bapt.

    Oct. 12.  Submitt, of Phinehas & Sarah Forbush, bapt.

    NB. This Child was held up by its grandfather

    Deacon Forbush, ye Immediate Father being (if

    alive) in Captivity.

    26. Jonas, of Solomon & Anna Rice, bapt.

    Nov. 9. Benjamin, of Charles & Martha Bruce, bapt.

    ____ 30. Prudence, wife of Phinehas Hardy,

    being dismissd from Grafton, was admitted

    into Chh Fellowship __


    The Lords Supper was administred. &

    Samuel, of Edwards & Sarah Whipple, bapt.

    Dec. 7. Esther, of Benj. and Martha Fay, bapt.


    Jan:.18. Patience, of Solomon & Patience Woods, bapt.

    Feb. 22. Alexander, of Ebenr & Hannah

    Parkman, and Samuel of Eleazer Whit-

    ney __ were baptized.

    March 1. Silas, of Jonas & Sibyl Child, bapt.


    _______ 8. The Lords Supper was administrd

    29. A Certificat from Rev. Mr Cushing of

    Shrewsbury, respecting Mary Graves, now Garfield,

    her Fall into Fornication and her Recovery by Repce

    and her public Humilliation in the Chh of Shrewsbury,

    ^ to or Chh

    Read ^ and voted Satisfaction wth it, & yt She is restord

    to our Charity.

    Apr. 12. Levi Brigham & Susanna his wife

    were admitted into full Communn ___ &


    the Sacrt of ye Lords Supper was administred.

    Samuel and Margaret Forbush (Inhabts of Upton)

    ownd ye Covt _____ and

    Enoch, of Zebulon & Abigail Rice

    Ruth, of Timothy & Rebeccas Warrin,    baptizd

    Sarah, of Samuel & Margaret Forbush

    (of Upton)

    __ 19. Levi, of Levi & Susanna Brigham


    Miriam, of Ebr & Mary Garfield       bapt.