__Chh - Records._

    Feb. 17. John, of Joseph & Martha Baker, bapt.

    Letter from

    ____  24. A Letter from ye Chh in Cold Spring

    ye Chh in

    Signd by Rev. Justus Forward, dated Jan.16.

    Cold Spring.

    last; was read: It being, For substance, to

    not complyd

    acquaint us, yt there were Difficultys arisen


    among them, which yy cd not Settle among

    themselves; & to desire our Assistce in Council

    &c.  But when it was put to Vote, whether

    ye Chh wd comply with ye request of Sd Letter,

    it was not a Vote __ but few hands appearing.__

    The Pastor requested ye Brethren to let him

    ^ noAnsr be-

    know why yy did not Vote __ ^ he repeated his

    ing given,

    Request; that he might know wt Reason to send,

    in ansr to ye Letter.  But none was renderd. __

    NB. The Letter was directed to Me as Pastor of the

    Chh, not of ye first Chh &c.  It also requested one

    Delegate.  But I can’t tell yt those were ye Reasons.

    ==== The Pastor also laid before ye Chh ye Desire

    of Robert Cook, yt ye Chh wd recommend his Wife,

    that so his Children might be baptizd _____

    Voted Affirmly _____

    > March 16.

    Then ye Chh was dismissd wth ye Blessing.


    > Apr. 20. Mary Walker, wife of Josiah Walker,

    heretofore Chattuck, being settled at Houssa-

    tonnoc No 4 & having desird a Dismission

    to the Chh there; and

    Ruth Sibly, heretofore Bradish, now wife

    of Nathl Sibly of Sutton, having desird

    she might be dismissd to ye first Chh there,

    the Requests of each of ym was voted.

    Apr. 27. Thaddeus Warrin & Abigail his Wife

    confessing the sin of Fornication & owning

    ye Covt were by Chh Vote, restord to Charity

    & their Child, Abigail, was baptizd.


    May 4. The Lords Supper was administred __

    25. Joseph, of Joseph & Eunice Rice, bapt.

    June 15. Mary Chase, ye wife of Thos Chase