June 23. Jemima, the wife of David Maynard

    junr was admitted into our Fellowship

    as were likewise Jonathan Whipple

    & Frances his wife, and Mary Wright

    (one of their Family) being dismissd

    from the Third Chh in Ipswich.

    The Same Day the Lords Supper was admi


    :nistred ___ &

    Palatiah, Son of Palatiah & Sarah Rice,

    (who had own’d ye Covt at Marlborough)

    Hephzibah, dauter of Aaron & Hephzibah


    Jonathan, Son of William & Sarah Pierce, &

    Dinah, Dauter of Gershom & Hannah Fay,

    were baptized. ___________________

    ____24. Catechizd at ye Meeting House ___

    July 14.  Abigail, of Francis & Abigail Whipple baptizd

    ____28. John, of Isaac & Jemima Tomlin, &

    Sarah, of Seth & Dorothy Rice baptized.

    Lieutt Furbush having given an Acknow=

    :ledgmt for his Behavr on ye Lords Day, on May

    3. 1730, was accepted and restor’d. ______

    Aug. 4.  The Lords Supper was Administred_____


    Rebekah of Willm & Rebec. Nurse was baptized.

    ____ 11. Abigail, & Samuel, of Samuel Furbush baptizd


    no objection being made against it.


               Son of Simeon and Rebekah Howard                Baptized

    Rebekah, Dauter of Jonathan & Abigl Livermore        by Mr Cushing

                                                                                           in my Absence

    [NB. I baptizd at Shrewsbury Larkin, son of Thomas and

         Mary Green, & Thomas, son of John &


    Sept. 1. Uriah, of Joseph &

    Witherby ^ baptizd

    ^ yy having

    _____ 19. After Lecture ye Brethren were stayed &

    enjoyd. pri-


    =vilege in