____ 25. Nathaniel, Son of Nathan

    :iel and Mary Whitney, was Bap


    June 8. Elizabeth, Daûter of Simon

    & Rebecca Tainter,

    Thomas, Son of Thomas Junr

    & Hannah Forbush; &

    Phinehas, Son of James and

    Mary Maynard; were Baptized.

    Habijah Bruce & Mary his wife

    were the Same Day admitted into or


    15. Daniel, Son of William

    and Rebecca Nurse was baptized.

    29. Lydia, daûter of John

    Dantforth (who own’d the Covt

    at Billerica and Submitted to ye

    Discipline of this Chh) was bap

    :tized. ________

    July 6. The Sacrament of the


    Lords Supper was administred, at

    my urgent Request (being undr much

    Infirmity) by the Rev Mr Breck of

    Marlborough who was very unexpect=

    :edly among us to Day, instead of Mr


       PM. Thomas, Son of Ebenezer

    & Mary Parkman, was baptized.