Chh Records _____ 213

    Sept. 6 Met According to adjournment

    to hear the Report of the Committee

    • Meeting opened by Prayer by Rd Sumner.

    after which Mr Sumner gave some

    salutary advice to Br Adams & his Wife

    but ___ • not having its desired Effect _____

    ____ 1 Voted to hear the Report ________

    the Report being Read

    2dly Voted to accept the report __

    The Parties being present and not

    Shewing their Approbation of ye

    Report: Voted

    3ly that the Clerk be directed to furnish

    the Parties viz Br Adams & his Wife

    with a Copy of the Committees

    Report. ________

    4 Voted that the Meeting be desso-

    lved.  __________