___Chh Records._


    Prayrs & Assistance in determining

    the important Affair of Dissolving ye

    pastoral Relation between ye Rev.

    Mr Smith & the Chh there.

    Voted Compliance.

    _______ one Delegate.

    _______ Deacon Bond to go.

    Apr. 22. was the Continental Fast

    and the Congregation contributed

    to the Relief of Mr John Forbes,

    who, with his Family, were driven

    off from Otter Creek, by the Enemy

    last July: & there was gatherd the

    Sum of £22, 18.0. besides the fore

    mentiond Sufferings, Mr Forbes was

    under great Trouble by the Sickness

    & Death of his Wife.

    26. James Miller junr & Mercy

    his Wife; also James Hawes & Han-

    nah his Wife, were admitted in-

    to the Chh.

    and Josiah, of James & Mercy Mil-

    ler, was baptized.

    May 3. The Lords Supper was admind


    ___ 10. Levi, of James & Mary Bowman, &

    Benjamin of Ebr & ^ Chamberlain, bapt.

    ^ Esther

    __ 17. Joseph, of Joseph & Esther Belknap; &

    Hannah Antwistle, a Child taken and

    presented by James junr & Mercy Miller,

    were baptizd by Rev. Mr P. Whitney.

    24. James jr of James & Hannah Hawes,

    was baptized

    May 31.