_Chh_ Records.


    the Congregation, & ye Qu. was

    put to them whether they did each

    of them Solemnly engage to take

    Special Care of this Child, which

    they now presented, to bring her

    up (by div. grace) in ye Good Know-

    ledge & Fear of the Lord,? To wc

    They, each of them manifesting yeir

    Consent, the Child was baptiz’d.

    The name given was Sarah.

    A Contribution was made for

    the Relief of Patrick Shay of Hop-

    kinton, who was burnt out.

    The Contribn amounted to £.16.9. 32. old Tenr


    June 19. David & Ann Maynards

    Desire that a foster- Child committed

    to their Care, might be baptized, hav-

    ing been propounded to ye Chh, last

    Lords Day was Sennight; and No Ob-

    jection offerd against it, it was ys

    Day brought; and they, each of them

    Solemnly promising before the Assem-

    bly to bring it up (by div. Grace) in

    the Fear & good Knowledge of ye Lord,

    it was baptized __ the name, Daniel.

    Priscilla Rice was admitted into

    the Chh. & her Child was baptizd.

    the Name, Francis.

    July 3. Molly, Dauter of Deli-

    verance Fay, was baptizd. ____

    ___  24.  Sarah Parkman was

    admitted into full communion wth ye Chh