__Chh Records __

    March 3. Martha, Wife of Daniel

    Warrin, admitted into Chh Communion


    The Lords Supper administred  &

    Lydia, of Ebenezer & __ Chamberlin bapt.


    17. Susanna, of Ebenr &

    Hannah Parkman, baptizd.

    ___  31. Elisha, of Daniel & Abigail Forbush, bapt.

    April 14. Samuel Baker, Jonas & Lydia

    Warrin (of Upton) were admitted into

    Church Fellowship &


    the Lords Supper was administred.

    # Capt.

    Pm. Sarah of Danl # & Sarah Warrin

    Phebe, of Charles & Phebe Woods (who


    had ownd ye Covt at Southborough

    ___ 21. At Noon ye Chh was Stopd to acqt ym wth ye

    Desire of Brr Saml Fay junr to have not only

    his newborn Infant baptizd but a Child of abt

    a Year & half old, wc had been neglected in this

    Time of their grt Trouble & Affliction, for wc

    he was sorry, & desird ye Compassion of ye Chh

    wc was freely extended to him & May God

    ^ ye Sin of

    please to overlook ^ sd neglect. ______ accly

    Pm. Hannah, &

    Ebenezer, of Saml & Delivce Fay, bapt.

    __ 28. John Oake & Susanna his wife ownd ye

    Covt & Hannah yeir Dauter was baptized.

    May. 12. Rachel, of Beriah & Mary Rice, bapt.

    ___ 26. Edwards and Sarah Whipple were

    admitted into Chh Fellowship.


    The Lords Supper was administred.