Town meeting to See if the Town would


    concur with the Chh in giving Mr Rockwood


    a Call.


    3   Voted to direct the Clerk to notify Mr


    Rockwood of what the Chh had done with


    Respect to giving him a Call.



    On the request of our Sister Mary Reading


    to dissolve her relation to this Church and


    recommend her to the Church of Christ in


    Grafton ^her request was granted

    . Signd


    Benjamin Wood Moderator


    Breck Parkman Clerk

    Octo23  On the request of our Brother Gershom


    Brigham & Sarah his wife to disolve


    their relation to this Church &  be re_


    commended to the Chh of Christ in


    Winchester, their request was granted.


    NB Said G Brigham & his wife came


    from Marlborough About 22 years Sinc-


    Since and residid in this Town. and


    were admitted into our communion


    during our being destitute of a Settled min


    ister. after Revd Mr Parkmans decease