__Chh- Records__

    Sept. 1. Hannah, of Daniel & Martha Warrin

    ________ Lydia of Richard junr & Eliz. Barns,       bapt.

    ________ Holland of Jotham & Abiel Maynard,

    ____22. Mrs Eunice Cook presented another Child


    to Baptism, (her Husband being out of Frame &

    having gone for Some Time to other Meetings:)

    The Child was baptizd Solomon.

    __28. An Infant Child of Mr Thos Goodenow


    was So Weak and nigh to Death, yt being earnest

    :ly requested, I baptizd it at his own House

    in ye presence of a Small Number of professing

    Chtians, among whom were Brr Ephm Allen and

    Matthias Rice.  The Child was named, Aaron.


    __ 29. The Lords Supper administred.

    Oct. 27. Phebe, of Josiah & Hasad: Bowker, bapt.

    Nov. 3. Susanna, of Eleaz. & Ruhamah Pratt,

    & Malachi, of Ebenr & Amy Maynard,       bapt.

    ^ The Sacrt

    __10 ^ Nehemiah, of Francis & Ab. Whipple

    of ye Lords

         & Jemima, of John & Jemimia Caruth         bapt.

    Supper ad-

      17. Peter, of Josiah & Ruhamah Newton bapt.



    & 1746.

    January 12. Moses, of Bez: & Sarah Smith, bapt.

    Feb. 2. Bulah, of Stephen & Ruth Fay,

    _______ Mary of Joseph (junr) & Mary Green    bapt.

    Sacrt March. 2.

    March. 9. H[an]nah, of Joseph & Kat. Joslin, &

    ______ J[onat]han, of Jonn & Joanna Forbush         bapt.

    ___ 30. Francis, of Eliezer & Persis Rice, bapt.

    May 4. Damaris of Benj. & Tabitha How, bapt.

    ^ yy had layd

    The Chh was Stayd & ^ The Desires of 5 Brethren of the

    before ym

    North side of ye Town to be dismissd, viz, Joshua Dowsing,

    Ephm Allen, Matthias Rice, Silas Fay, & Saml Allen __ (&

    ye Desire of John McAllister to have a Certificat __at the

    Same Time a Request was Read from 5 other Brethren

    of ye Same side of ye Town, for a Chh Meeting __ This

    was Seconded by Deac. Newton & Deac. Forbush__ So