An account of all those who have been

    dismissed from the care & watch of the

    Chh. in Westboro’ & recommended to the

    fellowship & communion of other Chhs.

    during Mr. Robinson’s Ministry.


    Doctr Joseph Grout Jr was dismissed

    May 3. from us & recommended to the Chh in




    Persis Putnam whose dismission & re .

    Aug. 11.  commendation from this Chh. to the Second

    Chh. in Brookfield was mislaid & lost

    upon her desire therefor she was fur-

    nished with a new dismission from us

    & recommended to any Chh. where

    Providence may cast her lot.




    Adam Rice & Lois his wife were dis-

    Apr 6

    missed from us & recommended to

    the Chh. in Hanover (N.H.)



    Isaac Davis & Anna his wife, &

    Aug. 31

    also Antipas Brigham & Lydia

    his wife, were dismissed from

    us & recommended to the Chh.

    in Northboro’



    Martha Butler, wife of Mr Joel Butler

    & daughter of Ebenr Chamberlain

    Feb. 21.

    was dismissed & recommended to the

    Chh. in Townsend – Middlesex County.