_Chh - Records.

    The Chh was also (ye same Day)

    detaind, the Pastor being desirous

    to consult ye Brethren on ye Affair

    of a Sister of the Chh, Eunice Rice,

    who had fallen into gross Sin, &

    desird to be propounded in order

    to her Humilln & Restoration.


    Oct. 20. The Lds Supr admind

    Saml and Tabitha Hardy were

    dismissd & recommended to ye 2d Chh

    in Brookfield.

    Nov. 17. Thankfull, of James & Mary, Bowman, bapt.


    Dec. 1. The Lords Supper was admind

    22. Mary, the wife of John Har-

    rington was admitted into full

    Communion with the Chh

    & Moses, of Isaac &

    Miller was baptd

    29. Lydia of Thos & Lydia Bond, bapt.

    as were Willm of John & Mary Harrington

    and John of Jonn & Abigail Batherick.


    Jan. 12. A Letter from ye Chh in Hop-

    Ordinn of

    kinton requesting Assistance in the

    Mr Fitch.

    Ordinn of Mr. Elijah Fitch, was com-

    municated __ and the Chh Voted Complyce

    Voted Deacon Bond to be a Delegate.

    & Voted Deacon Wood to be another.

    then concluded wth the Blessing.

    > Apr. 19. Lois, of Levi & Debh Warrin bapd


    May 3. The Lords Supper was admind ___

    & Esther, of James & Thomasin Bellows bapt.

    10. Ruth, of Joseph & Ruth Harrington


    30. Dorothy, of Joseph & Sarah Grout, bapt.



    >Apr. 5. The Lords Suppr was admind