June 20. 1784. Sabbath


    The Chh Tarry After the Blessing.

    Hear the Report of a Committee that

    had taken Cognizance of papers Relative

    to Br Danll Adams & his Wife Persis __

    Also Appointed a Chh meeting to be

    Thursday the 1st of July next ensuing

    to consider and hear any Matter of

    Greevance & Difficulty between sd Adams

    & his Wife ____

    And derected the Clerk to Furnish Br

    Adams with a Copy of his Wife’s

    complaint . sworn to before Jona Ward Esq

    . Likewise Notify him and his Wife

    to Attend sd Meeting __________

    June 27 being the Sabbath, the Chh -

    Tarry after the Blessing is pronouncd

    .And postpone the Meeting appoint

    -ted to be on Thursday ye 1stof July next.

    to the 12th of Augst next Ensuing ad

    3 oC P.M. for the purposes enumerated

    in the first Appointment ______

    The improbability of fur seasonably

    furnishing Br Adams weth a Copy

    of his Wife’s complaint, Occasion

    the defering of the Meeting___