_Chh – Records.

    Dec. 23. Isaac & Margery Parker

    offerd their Confession of ye Sin of

    Fornication, & were restord to Cha-

    rity __ They also ownd ye Covt _____

    Edward, of Moses & Lucy Sever, &

    Joel, of Isaac & Margery Parker_



    Jany 27. 1771. Asaph, of Thads

    & Hannah Warrin; & Prudence,

    of Elijah & Martha Hardy were baptizd.

    Feb. 24. The Chh was stopd after

    Exercise; and by a grt Majority

    Brady &

    voted, to use that Version of ye

    Tate’s Ver-

    Psalms which was Set forth by Dr

    sion voted

    Brady & Nahum Tate Esq. wth

    to be sung.

    the Addition of as many ^ of Dr

    Watts’s Hymns as can Conve-

    niently be obtaind.

    It was desird the if any body

    was on the Contrary & opposd it,

    Such wd stand up, but no one did.

    Three persons appeared not to Vote.

    Two of wc said they shd Vote if ye Con-

    gregation wd come in wth it.

    The third ansd yt he did not Vote, for

    he knew nothing about it; having

    never Seen one of ym in his Life.

    March 17. Jonathan Batherick

    & Abigail his Wife, were admitted

    into Chh Fellowship: as was likewise

    Abigail Parker, wife of Hannaniah

    Parker, having been dismissd from


    Grafton. The Lords Supper was Admd

    Ruhumah, of Ebenr & Sarah Maynd bapt.