_Chh- Records.


    __ Oct. 18. Stephen, of John & Mary

    Harrington, was baptizd.

    25. The Lds Supper was administred.


    p.m. Eunice of Barnabas & Eunice Newton

    & Hannah-Breck, of Breck & Susan. Parkman,

    were baptized.

    Dec. 6. The Lords Supper was admind


    & by Vertue of a Certificat from ye Rev.

    Mr Fitch of Hopk. concerning [---]

    Eleazar Rider & Sarah his Wife

    that they have been admitted into Co-

    venant by ye Chh in Hopkinton, two

    of their Children, viz. Daniel, and

    Sarah, were baptizd. _____

    === Feb.21.1779. Anna, of James junr ^ & Mercy Miller, bapt.


    __28 Sally, of Moses & Lydia Wheelock,

    & Elijah, of Levi & Debh Warrin, bapt.

    March 14. Joseph Grout junr was admitt-

    ed into full Communn with this Chh.

    17. After Lectr the Congregation

    were desird to tarry, & they chose 4

    choristers. viz Messrs Eli Whitney

    Ebenr Chamberlain junr Jonathan

    Batherick, & Elisha Parker.

    21. Admind the Lords Supper.


    NB Messrs Aaron Hutchinson junr &

    Caleb Alexander, preachers, attend wth us.

    The pastor read a Letter from the South west,

    or new, parish in Bolton, requesting Assistce

    from this Chh in a Fast & embodying a Chh

    there. Voted Complyance; & Dr Hawes_

    & Deacon Wood to be Delegates. To meet

    at Mr Benj. Baileys in Bolton on ye 25th 9 a.m.