_Chh- Records._


    May 14. Elisha, of Paul & Hannah Biglow, bapt.

    After a Contribution to ye Relief of the

    Rev. Mr Peter Whitney, (who was lately burnt

    out); the Chh stopd & Mrs Persis Adams’s An-

    swer by ye Comtee lately Sent to her, was read __

    Voted yt ye Chh meet on next Tuesday come

    Chh Meetg

    Fortnight_ at 2 p.m. _____

    app.ted, to

    May 28. Joseph Hardy & Lucy, his

    be ye 30th

    Wife were admitted into full Com-

    munion with the Chh.

    Lydia, of Solomon & Mary Miller &

    Persis, of Eleazr & Sarah, Ryder, were bapt.


    May 30. The Chh met accg to appt

    Chh Meetg

    The meeting was opend with Prayer.

    __ Adams; & 2

    Mrs Persis Adams was present, but her


    Husband was not.  It was conceivd yt since


    Mr Adams was not here, & was not like

    to come, it wd be most advisable to ad-

    Journ ^ and yrf This was Voted: and ye Day

    ^ this Affair,

    to be (God-willing) the last Monday in

    Aug. next, at 2 p.m.

    ==== In Conformity to the Motion made by ye

    Deacons, Deacon Bond esp. who is grown

    very infirm, the Chh Voted to elect Two

    more Deacons.

    ____Voted yt Brother James Hawes ^ __ who

    ^ be ye first

    desird some time to consider of it.

    of ym

    Again Voted; & Brr Jonn Child was chose;

    but refusd. ___ However, he was requested

    to take it into more mature Consideration.

    The Meetg concluded wth Prayr & the Blessing.