Octob. 25. Elizabeth, Wife of Heze

    :kiah How, having produc’d her

    Dismission from ye Chh of Marlborô,

    to which she belongd was, upon her

    Request, admitted into our Communion.

    Novemb.1. Samuel Gamel ownd ye

    Covenant & his wife Margarett was

    admitted into full Communion

    The Same Day Nahum Son of Dan

    :iel & Mary Warrin, & Margarett

    Daûter of the above namd Samll

    & Margarett Gamel, were baptizd


    Nov: 16. The Sacramt of ye Lords Supper

    was administred.  Thankfull (the wife

    of Josiah) Rice having been (likewise)

    admitted into our Communion ___

    Decemb. 6. Isabell ye Dauter of Samuel


    Ferguson & Daniel ye Son of Cor

    :nelius & Eunice Cook were baptized. &

    Samuel Hardy & Tabitha his Wife

    were admitted into our Communion ___

    ________ 13. Dinah & Experience Ward &

    Thankfull Smith (their sister) were baptiz

    :ed, & the Last of ym was admitted into full

    Communion with us. ______


    Feb: 14. Ruhamah (the wife of Josiah)

    Newton was admitted into into our Communion

    Chh Meetg

    ________ 18. The Chh Met together & the

    Pastor having first offerd up An Address

    to ye Supream Shepherd, The Occasion of

    ye Chh’s being calld together was opend

    Scil: Upon propsect of [-------] the Season

    revolving & yrwth Hope of Oppty for ye

    Holy Commn it appeard needfull by Prayr