Chh Records ____


    Jany 42    Chh met according to App


    ointment to converse with on the

    Mr Robinson on the Subject of Chh

    Disepline. no perticular mode being

    agreed on between the Pastor Elect

    and Chh Meeting was dissolved ____




    14th  The Ordaining Council Met

    for the purpose of Seperating Mr

    John Robinson to, the ^ work of. Gospel Ministry

    after some debate. proceeded to the

    Ordenation of Mr John Robinson

    to the Pastoral Charge of this Chh

    & Congregation__.


    Mr Alexander of Mendon made 1t Prayr.


    Mr Emmens preached the Sermon

    Mr Sanford Made ye Ordaeng Prayer

    Mr Fish gave the Charge

    Mr Sumner gave the Right hand

    Mr Puffer Made the last Prayer

    And Mr John Robinson was Or.

    -dained ___