_Chh- Records.


    9th The Chh met. The meeting was


    opend by Prayer. The Business of the

    meeting was mentiond, relative to Mrs

    Eunice Rice, and Mr Saml Fay; and the

    Paper of ye

    Voted 1. To hear the Case of Mrs Rice ^:

    11 Brethren

    But She was not come, tho she had been sent to.

    was read.

    Voted 2. to Send another Commtee to her.

    ______ 3. the Comtee to be three two.

    ______ 4. Brother Jonn Grout to be one.

    ______ 5. Brother Danl Forbes ye other.

    Voted 6. To Send a Commtee to Brr Fay.

    ___  7. The No to be Three.

    ___  8. Brother David Maynd to be one.

    ____ 9. Deacon Wood to be another.

    10. Brr Tainter to be ye third.

    11. The Meeting to be adjournd

    to this Day Month, this place, at 1 p.m.

    The Meeting concluded wth prayer &

    === the Blessing. ____

    22. Lucy, of Nathan & Abigail Kenny, bapt.

    Feb. 5. Abraham, of Francis & Lyd, Pierce

    & Elisha, of Paul &Hannah Biglow, baptd

    Feb. 13. The Chh met by adjournmt

    The Meeting was opend by Prayer.

    The Comtee wo went to Mrs Rice

    made their Report verbally only; but

    we understood Mrs Rice wd attend __

    She did so __ we understood from her that

    she wd consent to have those passages wc

    were in her Confessn displeasing to ye Chh,

    omitted.  They were markd wth Bracketts

    and then the Chh Voted ye Confession,

    with those Omissions, Satisfactory.

    ^: and Brother Fay, before the said Paper.