Chh Records  _______


    Sally.  of Elijah  & Sally


    Brigham (born Jany 20)


    was Baptized Feby 11th 1787


    by Revd Caleb Alexander of Mendon



    Feby 27.


    The Chh voted on Request to


    Dismiss. and Recommend Ruhamah


    Frost wife of Thomas Frost to ye


    Fellowship & Communion of the Chh


    of Christ in Wrentham. which accorgly


    was Done





    March 25. 1787. Lord Supper Admd


    &  Sophia. of Ebenezer .& Esther


    Chamberlain ____



    Aaron of Eli & Mehetable


    Lealand was  Baptized ________


    By Revd Caleb Alexander  of


    _Mendon ________


    (x of Belerica)

    June 24 Lord’s Supper Administred.


    and. Betsy. of. Joseph & Ruth Harrington


    Lewis. of Isaac & Margeret Parker


    Lydia of Benja & Lucy Ball &


    Samuel of Danll& Lydia Chamberlain


    were Baptized pr Revd Mr Henry Cuming X