31. Joel, of Samuel & Abigl Forbush

    Katharine, of Phin. & Persis Gleason

    Jacob, Nathan & John, of Nathan

    & Sarah Townsend, were baptizd.

    Nov. 18. The Chh was detaind after LectƐ

    On Mrs Eunice Rice’s Affair, but Br Tainter

    not having been to Boston, it was further wavd

    ===Another thing yt was again mentiond, was

    to know ye Chhs Mind concerng ye Tainter

    Legacy, which was in the Hands of his son

    Benjamin, who had given a Note of Hand

    for it, now in the Deacons possessn ___

    The Chh voted yt it shd. lye as it was. __

    ^ & now observd, NB. It is ye Custom ^ to break off wth ye Blessing.


    21. The Holy Sacrt of ye Lords Supper admd

    28. Sophia, of Hannaniah & Abig. Parker,

    was bapt. by Rev. Mr Smith of Marlborò.

    Dec. 19. Rebecca, wife of Daniel, Stockwell, &

    Mary, wife of James, Godfrey, were

    admitted into full Communion.


    Jan. 9. 1774. Brother Daniel Mc.

    Allister_who with his Family are gone

    to live at Myrifield (as he writes it) has

    sent his and his Wife’s Desire to be dis-

    missd, in order to joining with others in

    forming a Chh there; Their Request was

    laid before ye Chh ___ Voted Affirmly & yt

    they be recommended to that Society.

    Feb. 6. Amos, of Thos & Lydia Bond,

    was baptizd by Rev. Mr Stone.

    20. Abigail, wife of Nathan Ken-

    ney, was admitted into Chh Fellowship.

    Eli, of Nathan & Persis Fay, bapt.

    March 13. Ebenezer, of Ebr junr & Esther Cham-

    berlain; Molly, Daniel & Anson, of Danl and

    Rebecca Stockwell; & Joseph, of Isaac, and

    Anna Davis, were baptizd. ____