Chh- Records.

    (by div. Leave).

    The business of the Meeting to be,

    First, to see whither ye Chh will put an

    End to these Controversies by dropping the

    Affair? or Secondly, will come into any

    Methods to vote upon Mrs. Andrews’s Letter

    wc was read to Day? or Thirdly, will call in

    the Help of an Ecclesl Council? ____

    ===Jan. 11. The Chh met accg to ye Adjournmt

    The meeting was opend with Prayer.

    Mrs Andrews’s letter was read again

    The First Thing was proposd __ vide Supr.

    It passd in the Negative. 19 to 16.

    The Second proposd; & after Debating a

    long Time __ Concerng Mr Cleaveland &

    ^ yt is,

    ye Society he Ministers to, ^ for wt Reasons to

    be admitted, & for wt Reasons yy might not;

    also the Conduct of Ministers & Chhs wth regard

    to them, the Pastor addressd ye Chh to such

    Purpose as this,   viz.

    “That we had better put an End to yse

    fruitless Controversies & Contests, wc we

    have been so long in, about that Society,

    in Chebacco

    (whether it is one Thing, or another), &

    the Chhs Transactions towds them Lay-

    ing all this aside therefore, & without

    Regard to one Church or another, Let us

    take this Matter before us in General;



    That Mrs Andrews being (understood

    to be) a professing Chtian; & her Lot be-

    ing cast among us in this place, if She will

    not countenance Disorders, or whatever is

    contrary to the word of God, & disallowd by ye

    platform, whether in ye place she came from

    or otherwhere, and will endeavr to walk ac-

    cording to Gospel Rule;

    This Chh also, hereby testifying against all

    Disorders, whether in Chebacco, or anywre

    else, are willing, our Circumstances, on each