_Chh - Records____


    to come, if he may without giving

    uneasiness to any of the members.

    The Qn. was put, whether his Request

    may be granted?

    Voted, that considering the Circumstances

    Brother Adams is now in, it is most pro-

    per, & it is the Mind of the Chh that his

    Desire be deferrd for the Present, inasmuch

    as his Case with regard to his Wife’s Complaint

    before ye Civil Authority, is now depending.

    Dec. 13. General Thanksgiving, and

    Contribution for the Sufferers in ye

    Southern States, esplyfor those in South

    Carolina & Georgia.

    ==== 23. Phebe, of Hanh & Hephh Parker, bapt.

    Feb. 24. Abner-How, of Elijah &Martha Hardy,


    & Samuel, of Joseph Esq. & Martha Baker, bapt.

    March 10. Polly, of Caleb & Sarah Harrton bapt.

    24. The Lords Supper administred.


    __ 31. Daniel, of Daniel &

    Chamberln bapt.

    Apr. 7. Susanna, of Abijah & Susanna Gale bapt.

    and ye

    Chh was

    14 Mehitabel-Brigham, of John & Mehitabel

    stopd to


    Fay, baptizd.

    hear anor

    Letter from

    The Chh was stopd again (by Desire)

    Br Danl Adams.

    to hear two Letters wc ye Pastor had pre-

    pard to send, one to Sister Persis Adams;

    and the other to her Husband.

    28. Nahum, of Joseph jur &

    Grout, bapt.

    May 5. The Lords Supr was Admd


    ___19. Lucretia, of Benjamin and

    Lucretia Warrin, baptizd. _____