_Chh- Records._

    Aug. 8.  Eli, of Jonn & Abigl Batheric

    22. Isaac & Anna Davis

    was bapt.

    made Confession of the Sin of Fornication

    were restord to Charity & admitted into

    full Communion with ye Chh.

    Submitt, of Thads & Hannah Warrin &

    Phineas, of Isaac & Anna Davis, bapt.

    29. Ebenr junr & Esther Chamberlain

    were admitted into full communion


    The Lords Supper was administred.

    Sept. 5. Persis Putnam (Wife of Rufus

    Putnam of Brookfield) heretofore Rice

    was dismissd; & voted yt she be recommend-

    ed to ye 2d Chh in Brookfield.

    Mansfield, of Artemas & Mary Bruce, bapt.

    19. Ephraim, Martha, & Sarah,

    of Ebenezer & Esther Chamberlin,

    were baptizd.

    ^ Brn of ye

    The ^ Chh were stopd after Exercis-

    es, and the pastor proposed to ye Chh

    to shew whether it was not their mind to

    Enquire into ye Conduct of our Sister

    Eunice Rice, since ^ yt affair had been

    neglected for a long time?

    It was voted yt yy would.

    It was proposd again,

    Whether they would Send a Comtee

    to her to know how She was affected?

    It passd in ye Affirmative.

    Again, yt ye Number be three.

    Voted Deacon Bond be one.

    ______  Bror Nathl Whitney anor

    _____  Brr Benj. Fay the third.

    Concluded with ye Blessing. ____