_Chh – Records.


    upon what has been for Some Time pro-

    posd to us concerning the Posture in which

    we ought to perform that part of public Wor-

    ship, viz. Singing the praises of God: whether

    Sitting as has been the Custom, or Re standing

    up, as is thought most reverent, & therefore most

    acceptable to ye great God?

    28 members Psent.

    After some Conference, and ye Pastors readg

    (by Request of ye above mentiond Brethren) se-

    veral Papers containing his mind; & ansg several

    Objections wc have been raisd agst Standing,

    the matter was deferr’d, for the present Time

    for further Considern till ye Next LectƐ Day,

    to wc Time ye meeting is adjournd.

    The Blessing being given, we departed.

    Sept. 4. Admind  ye Lords Supper.


    18. Moses, of Thos Frost, was baptized.


    25. Mary, of Samuel & Eliz. Fay, bapt.

    Oct. 16. The Lords Supper was admind


    23. Coollidge, of Saml junr & Abigail

    Forbush, was baptized. ____

    Nov. 27. Constantine Hardy was admitted into

    Chh-Fellowship, as was also Joshua Kendal, the last

    being dismissd from ye first Chh of Cht in Suffield.

    Dec: 4.  The Lords Supper was administred __


    Mindwell, of Constantine & Jemima Hardy, bapt.

    The Chh was Stopt & a Letter from the people

    Ordinn of

    of Wilton was read.  Therein yy Request As-

    Mr Jonn Liver

    sistance in gathering a Chh & ordaining


    Mr Jonn Livermore their Pastor, on the

    14 instant.  Voted approbn & Compliance if pro-

    vidence give Leave.  But it being above 40

    miles off, & at Such a season, it is uncertain whe-

    ther we can attend.

    25. Edmund & Sarah Brigham

    having ownd ye Covt at Southborò, yeir son

    Samuel was baptized.

    > The Chh Stayd after LectƐ accg to desire

    to See wt ye Chhs mind was about Standing up


    to Sing: but there was not a Vote for it.