to the Chh, and ye Commtee who had been Sent to

    him were desird to give their Return. wc was yt

    he remaind unalter’d _ except that he desird to

    See and Speak with the Pastor of this Chh; who

    immedly manifested a readiness to gratifie

    him therein. upon wc ye Chh were dismissd. ___

    16. The Lords Supper was administred.


    30.  John, of James & Sarah Ball &


    Mary, of Ebenr Chamberlain

    Aug. 27. Capt Danl Warrin & Mary his Wife were

    admitted into ye Chh & ye Same Day

    The Sacramt of ye Lords Supper was administred __


    Sept. 28. The Pastor being calld to minister to ye Infant

    Child of Nathaniel & Kezia Oake, he ^ found the

    ^ went &

    Child so ill and weak yt it was apparently in grt Danger

    of Death; The distressd Parents were hereupon very desi:

    :rous that the Ordce of Baptism might be administred

    to it: And they took ye Pains to notifie ye Familys of yt

    Neibourhood as many as they could, who came together

    to ye Number of Twenty or More. The Case being so extra

    :ordinary and the Chh Members wo were together heartily

    agreeing and Consenting thereto, after an Introductory

    Speech on this occasion, and a particlr address to & De:

    mand from ye Parents, we proceeded to Prayer & to ye admi

    :nistration ___ it was baptizd by ye Name of Ebenezer:

    afterwc a part of a Ps: was Sung & we concluded wth

    the Blessing. ________

    Oct. 12. The Chh was stopd after LectƐ

    Deacon Forbush requested yt ye Chh wd direct wt yy wd have

    done wth the Fragmts after ye Lords Supper; & Considr what

    wd be best to be done respecting the Smallest sort of vessells

    wc we usd at ye Communion, whether it wd not be best to

    Change ‘em for Larger; and whether somethg ought

    not to be done concerning a Baptism Bason ___

    Dcn Newton joind wth Brr F. & offerd also ye Affair of