___Chh Records._


    Janry 3. 1762. Thankfull, Dauter of


    Danl & Mary Forbes; and

    Ephraim, Son of Artemas & Marry Bruce, baptd

    And Lucy Baldwin^ Wife of Jeduthun


    Baldwin, having desird Dismission to ye


    Chh in Brookfield, wr of Rev. Mr Eli Forbes


    is Pastor, her Request was voted.

    Feb. 14. Lucy, of Moses & Persis Warrin, bapt.

    28. Sally, of Joseph & Martha Baker, bapt.

    March 14. Lydia, of Solomon & Sarah Baker, bapt.

    ____ 21. Barnabas, of James & Eliz. Miller, bapt.

    as was Martha, of John Pratt, who had ownd

    ye Covt at Hopkinton.

    _____ The same Day ye LordSupper was admind


    28. Jesse, of Ebenr Maynard, baptizd. ____

    Apr. 11. David, of Jonas & Persis Brigham, bapt.

    May  2. Barnabas & Eunice Newton,

    appearing before the Assembly, con-

    fessd the sin of Fornication, & ownd the

    Covenant; they were by vote of ye Chh

    restord to Charity, & their Child, Hannah

    was baptiz’d.

    May 9.  The Sacrt of ye Lds Supper admind


    16. David, of Barachias & Zerviah, Morse, bapt.

    June 20. The Lords Supper was administrd


    A Letter from ye first Chh in Shrewsbury


    requesting ye Assistce of this Chh  in ye Ordinn

    at Shrewsb.

    of Mr Joseph Sumner, on ye 23 instant_ read_

    The Chh Voted Complyance ___

    That Two be ye No of ye Delegates __

    That Brr Whitney be one ___

    That Deacon Bond be ye Other.

    __were dismissd with ye Blessing. _______