to ye Discipline of this Chh) was baptizd

    July 12.  Having Recd ye Request of Mar=

    :garett McCollister to be admitted into or

    Communion with Letters Testimonial & recommen

    :datory from ye Chh of Worcester, She was Rec’d

    a member of this Chh.

    The Sacrament of the Lords Supper was ad


    :ministered. &

    Jerusha & Martha, Dauters of Increase

    Ward, & Abigail Dauter of Habijah

    & Mary Bruce, were baptized. ______

    Aug: 16. Abigail, Dauter of

    Hezekiah & Abigail Ward, was

    baptized. ___________________

    Octob: 4.  The Lords Supper was administrd


    _______ 11. Lydia, Dauter of James

    & Lydia Fay, was baptized.

    _______  18. Lydia & Thomas, Children

    of Thomas & Lydia Warrin, were bap

    .tized, upon their Parents publickly

    owning ye Covenant among us. ____

    A Letter from ye Congregation of ye


    Lord in Southborough to this Chh was

    :on at

    read; and ye Request of it, namely to send


    ye Elder and ^ Messengers as ye Chh shd see


    meet to yeir Assistance in ye Gathering a Chh

    there and ordaining Mr Nathan Stone

    their pastor, was voted.

       2d Vote that ye Church would send 2 Per=

    :sons with ye Pastor, its Messengers on yt


       3d Vote that the Two Deacons, be those

    Messengers ^ to go with ye Elder.

      Lastly ye Blessing of ye Chh gave Dismission.