Chh - Records ___


    get over among ymselves.


    Voted compliance wth ye Request


    ____ That Two be ye Number of Delegates


    to go wth the Pastor on Said occasion


    ___ That Brr Nathl Whitney be one


    ___ That Brr Baker (Edd Esq.) be ye other.


    Concluded with the Blessing. _______


    Apr. 8. Chh stopd. Brr Baker desires to be


    excusd from ye above mentioned service, bec: the


    genl Court has not risen, & he must attend


    there. Brr Tainter was chose in his room.


    ___ dismissed wth Blessing. _____



    15.  The Lords Supper was administred.


    __ 29. Job, of Cornelius & Mary Biglo, bapt.


    May 14. Silas, of Gershom & Mary Brigham was


    baptizd at their House, ye Child being dangsly sick


    and ye Desire to have ye ordce administred there, was


    manifested in publick Assembly to ye Chh & Congrn


    yesterday __ and a Number of members & Nrs did


    accordingly attend.




    27. The Lords Supper was administd


    June 3. Moses, of Moses & Mehit. Brigham


    & Benjamin, of Benjamin & Han-


    -nah Tainter, were baptized.


    Sacrt July. 8.  __ 10. Phinehas, of Phinehas & Prudence Hardy, bapt.


    July 29.  John, of Ebr & Hannah Parkman


    Aug 19. Sarah, of Abij. & Abigail




    Gale, was baptiz’d


    The Lords Supper having been administred


    the same Day.


    26. Timothy, of Gershom & Mary


    Brigham, was baptizd. This being a


    Twin to that wc was baptizd in private


    on April 14 last.