__Chh - Records.


    ___ Oct. 21. The Lords Supper was admind

    ^ Eunice

    28. Alpheus, of Nathan &^ Kenny, bapt

    The Chh was detaind to hear the

    Request of Enoch: & Olive Rice, who

    are gone to live at Brookfield, that yeir

    Confession of ye Guilt of Fornication

    might be read to ye Chh & Pp of Westborô

    & they restord to Charity, without yeir

    personal presence here, considering the

    Distance of their Abode from hence,

    & the Difficultys of their attending

    here. NB. A Letter upon this Affair from

    the Rev. Mr Jos. Appleton, Pastor of the

    Chh, where those persons dwell, & recommdg

    them, was also read ____

    ==== Voted yt said Request be granted.

    Also a Letter from Danl Adams ____

    dated Oct. 26 curt was read __ & it com

    ing but last night, it was left to Considn

    Nov. 4. Sarah Harrington wife

    of Caleb, was admitted into full Communn

    ____12. The Confession of Enoch & Olive

    Rice was read to the Congregn and

    Ebenezer, Barnard, Hannah & Eliza

    beth, Children of Caleb & Sarah Harton bapt.

    18. Joseph, of Daniel & Rebec Stockwel, bap

    Dec. 2. The Chh was stopd yt yeir

    minds might be shewn concerning

    Mr Adams’s Letter of Octob. 26, last;

    in which he manifests himself ready