_Chh Records.__


    Jan. 12.  Mary, Dauter of (Eleazar) and)

    Ruhamah Pratt, was baptizd __________

    _____ 19. Mary Greaves ^was baptizd

    26. Abigail, of Daniel & Vashti Hardy baptizd

    and Rebecca Tainter junr (Dauter of ^ Rebecca ^


    Tainter) was admitted into Chh Fellowship.


    Feb: 16. Samuel & Deborah Grow admitted into ye Chh.

    23. Sacramt administred _______  &


    Timothy, of Beriah Rice baptized _______

    Feb: 24. Catech:

    March 2.  Olive, of James & Mary Maynard

    at ye meeting

    & Jonathan, of Jonn & Lydia Goodenow      bapt.


    _______ 16. James, of James & Lydia Fay, bapt.

    23. Silas, of Josiah & Mary Walker, bapt.

    Apr: 6. Dorothy, of Joseph & Dorothy Thurston bapt.

    >May 4. Eunice of Cornelius & Eunice Cooke, &

    Jane of Thoms & Sarah Billings, (who


    had own’d ye Covt at Concord) _____

    _____ 18. Thomas Goodenow and Persis his wife ownd

    ye Covt and Persis, yeir Daûter was baptized _______

    The same Day Aaron Hardy & Abigail (Dauter of Jonn)

    Forbush were admitted into full Communion

    ____ 25. Sacramt Administred ___


    June 5. Catechizd at ye meeting house. Males a.m.  Females

    ___ 8. Elizabeth, of Thomas junr and Hannah Forbush, bapt.


    July 13. The Sacramt was administred __________


    _____ 20. Josiah Bouker & Hazadiah his wife made

            their Confession & Humiliation for violating ye 7th Comt

           & were restord and ownd the Covt

    ____ 27. Joshua Townsend made Profession of Chtianity, was

    admitted into ye Catholic Chh and was baptizd

    He was also admitted into our Communion

    John [illegible words] and Hannah Liscomb (heretofore

    [illegible words] Fay junr deceasd) and Mehetable Cutler, wife

    of James Cutler having all Three requested Dismissions by

    means of their being removd away from this Town, their Request


    >Apr: 13. Sacramt administred _____________


    appointed ye catechizg to be on ye 15th To be on ye north side

    of ye Town