__Chh - Records.___

    Apr. 20. The Lords Supper was administd

    ____ 28. The Chh met, and after Prayr

    Brr Jonn Forbush junr gave his ansr in

    which he desird he might be excusd __ &

    gave his Reasons – among wc when ye Chh

    heard they voted they were not Sufficient

    but they continued their Desire that he wd

    Serve in the Office.  NB this was Voted

    pritty generally. ___ Then Brr Forbush Sub-

    mitted and accepted, requesting ye prayers ofye

    Chh for him __ as did also Brr Bond for him.

    __the Brn were dismissd by Prayr & Blessing.

    May 25. Rev Mr Forbush baptizd, on ye

    Right of their Mother, ye following Children

    of Eliezer Rice, viz. Alpheus, Persis & John

    June 1. Danl Adams & Abigail, his

    wife admitted into Chh Fellowship.

    The Same Day Asaph, of Danl & Martha War-

    rin was baptizd.

    ____  8. The Lords Supper was administrd

    27. Lucy, of Jonn & Mary Bond

    Jonathan, of Benj. & Hannah Tainter    bap-

    & Danl of Danl & Abigail Adams              tizd.

    July 13. Solomon Woods and Martha Dunlop

    (the latter having a Dismission from ye Chh in

    Hopkinton) were admitted into Chh Fellowship.

    ___ 20. The Lords Supper was administred.

    27. Phinehas, of Moses & Mehitabel Brigham, bapt.

    by ye Rev Mr Fish of Upton.

    Aug. 10.  Hannah, of Eleazr & Mercy Williams, baptizd.