___Chh – Records.___


    22.  Martha, the Wife of John

    Beton; & Sarah, the Wife of Seth

    Morse, were admitted into ye Chh.

    Sept. 5. Elizabeth, of Seth and Sarah Morse, bapt.

    26. The Lords Supper was administred


    p.m. James Bowman was baptizd __ &

    Submit, of Thad. & Abigail Warrin, and

    Martha, of Ebenr & Lucy Forbes, were also.

    And ye sd James Bowman & Mary his

    Wife were admitted into full Communion

    Oct. 24. Saml Forbush (or Forbes) Junr

    & Abigail his Wife, were admitted into full


    31. Rufus, Isaac, Abigail & Lydia,

    Children of Samuel junr & Abigail For-

    bes, were baptized.

    Nov. 7. John, Anna, Martha, Thomas

    & William, Children of Martha

    Beton, were baptized. as on this

    Day likewise, ye Sacramt of ye LordSupper


    was administred.

    28. Edmund Rice & Hannah his Wife

    ownd ye Covt & ye latter was admitted into ye


    Dec. 5. Simeon, Edmund, Hannah &

    Dorothy, Children of Edmund & Hannah

    Rice, were baptized. ____

    12. The Lords Supper administd ____


    Janry 9. Ebenezer, of Joseph & Sarah Grout, bapt.


    16.  Jeffery-Amherst, of Stephen &

    Anne Maynard, was baptized.

    as were Elizabeth, of Phin. & Azuba Gleason

    & Lydia, of James & Mary Bowman