Dec 9

    in Church meting pursuant to

    the notification recorded on the last

    page of this book.

    Article 1.  The  moderator  call’d upon

    Sister Cobb, to know whither She

    had any thing to lay before the

    Chh. .  . . She came forward & ac-

    knowledg’d she had done wrong in

    absenting herself from communion

    without leave of the Chh.  but now

    desired to come and commune. ^with us and

    at the Same time retain her relation, to

    and communion with the Methodists.

    after considerable debate. the question

    was put.  to See if the chh would ad

    mitt Mrs Cobb to communion under

    those circumstances, which pass’d in

    the negative. .  but adjournd a fur

    ther consideration of her case to the next


    Article 2

    Chose a committee of of three


    Deacon Hawes

    Deacon Chamberlin

    Joseph Harrington to look into