__Chh- Records.

    Sept. 9. Mary Pratt ^ was admitted into

    ^ Daûter

    full communion.

    of Hezek.

    The Lords Supper was administred.


    Chloe, Dauter of Ebr & Lucy Forbush, bapt.

    Oct. 21. The Lords Supper was adminstred.


    Decr 6. After the public Exercises of the

    Thanksgg the Chh ^ was detaind, & informd

    ^ by Desire,

    by the Pastor that so considerable a No of

    of Mr Danl

    ye Chh were uneasy with ye Persons wo now

    Forbes &

    stood propounded (viz Mr Levi Warren


    & his Wife) that it wd be likely to cause too

    grt Disturbance, if it be let alone to ye usual

    Time of Admission, wc wd be next Lord’s Day,

    and ye Day of ye Communion: and he desird

    ye Chh ^ wd consider wt was best to be done ___

    After Some Debate yy passd ye follg Vote. viz.

    Voted yt the Admission of Levi Warrin &

    his Wife be deferrd for a Short Space.

    The Chh was dismissd with the Blessing.

    Dec. 10. The Lords Supper was administred.


    16. In complyance with ye Request of

    a no of Brethren (Deacon Bond, Daniel

    Hardy, Benj. Tainter, Seth Morse &c) a Chh-

    Meeting was appointed, to consider ye

    Affair of Levi Warrin & his Wife, relative

    to their Admission into ye Chh; to be at this

    place, God willing, on the next Tuesday, 2 p.m.

    18. Chh met __ L.Warrin present.

    Began with prayr The Business of the

    Meeting opend. Nr Warrin offerd a Paper wc

    was signd by hims. & his Wife, & a Certificate

    from Dr Steph. Ball.  After Debating ye follg

    vote was put, whether ye Chh was Satisfyd

    & the way clear for ye admission of these per-

    sons into ye Chh? ___ But 9 Hands out of 28.

    The Pastor proposd to ye Chh’s Considn

    either to confirm ye use of ye old Psalm Books

    or determine upon some other. Also a Second

    Chorister.  And to take Care of Delinquents

    as to Baptism- Prayr & Blessing concluded ye