Chh Records


    Then the Chh Vote that the same

    committee still Treat with Br Samll

    Fay. that he may have further

    Opportunity to make his peace with

    this Chh ____

    Then proceeded to hear the report

    of the Second and Larger Committee

    Relative to the half way Members

    (so called) who inform they have seen

    and Conversed with many of those in

    that Relation that say they wish to

    come to the Table of the Lord. if

    they could be satisfied with respect

    to their qualifications for the Solemnity

    ___ Br Joseph Green Sr being present

    inform the Chh that he hopes soon

    to come to the Lord Supper ___

    Sometimes he says he is in the

    Dark. sometimes he has Light

    hopes for greater Evedences of his

    Union to Christ __ Barnabas Newton

    being present made Observations

    somewhat semelar to Br Greens &