The Chh met According to Adjournmt


    being derectly after the Services of an

    Occasional Fast – called for the purpose of

    imploring direction from Heaven in the

    Choice of a Minister ___

    The Business ^ is to consider the perticulars as

    drawn up by a Committee as Reasons why

    the Chh would not comply with Br Danll Adams

    Request of Dismission and Recommendation to

    the Chh of Christ in Hopkinton ____

    Read and Accepted by a Vote of the Chh

    2ly Voted there be a Committee to present the

    same to Br Danll Adams. and Converse with

    him on the subject. . that ye Number be 3

    Br Elijah Brigham

    Br Abijah Gale

    Br Jos: Harrington

    3ly Voted the Meeting be Dessolved ___