17th The Rev Pastors &c Associated and

    Fast for

    kept a Solemn Fast unto God. The Pastor of

    Revival of

    this Flock began with Earnest Supplicn for the

    Relign &

    outpourings of ye Div. Spt ye Revival & Reco

    a Blessing

    :very of Religion among us and for a Blessing

    on young

    on ye Youth of ye Place. The Rev Mr Loring preachd


    A.M. on Heb: 3.2. The Rev Mr Prentice (of Lancas

    :ter) both prayd & preach’d p.m. his sermon was on

    Prov. 8,17.

    And Oh yt it may be a Fast yt He has Chosen!

    Oh yt our offgs might be pleasant to ye Lord our God!

    and yt ye Great Designs of ye Fast might be answd

    that we might feel ^ an Happy Influence yrof

    ^ & see

    upon our Selves & our Children!

    Decemb. 12. Judah, Son of Beriah Rice

    was baptized.


    Jacob Rice & Hannah his wife were

    admitted into Chh Fellowship.

    ________ 19. The Lords Supper was administred.


    Elizabeth ye Daughter of Jonah & Elizabeth

    Warrin, & Rebecca the Daûter of Jacob and

    Hannah Rice, were baptized _________

    ________ 26. The Chh was stayd after ye usual

    Ordinn at

    Exercises of ye Lords Day, & a Letter from our


    Chtian Friends in Hassenemisco requesting our


    countenenance & Assistce at their Approachg

    Solemnities (of Ordination &c:)

    1.  Voted a Compliance wth yeir Request.

    2.  Voted yt Two [torn] Persons accompany ye

    Pastor in that Affair.

    3.  Voted that Deacon Fay be one.

    4.  Voted yt Brr Thomas Newton be ye other.

    Then a Request of one of this Chh ^ to be dis

    ^ viz James

    =missd from his particular Relation to this Chh