& desired to be at peace with God & wth


    his people. He owned the Covenant. She was

    admitted into our Communion. ____ and

    at ye same time Nathaniel Whitney who

    owned the Covt at Concord, Submitting to ye

    Discipline of this Church, had his Dauter Ma

    :ry baptized. _______________

       Nov: 5. Tabitha Oake, (the wife

    of Nathaniel Oake) was admitted into

    our Communion. ___

    ____12. The Sacrament of the Lords


    Supper was Celebrated.  & on the same

    day Mary, the Daughter, & Elijah &

    Jonas, Sons of Jonah & Elizabeth Warrin

    were baptized.  & when ye worship was

    a Councill to

    Ended a Letter was Read, which was sent

    be at Leicester.

    to this Church from the Chh of Leicester

    requesting our Assistance in Council

    there on ye 22d of this Current November.

                  upon wch

    This Church voted to Send The Pastor &

    Deacon Tomlin. ______________

    but ye Council             was deferr’d


    Dec: 3. Mary Bradish (born May 25

    till April.

    1717 1715) was admitted into our Commu



    Dec: 24. Aaron, The Son of Jonah & Elizab

    :eth Warrin; & Mary ye Daughter of Samu-

    :uel & Isabel Ferguson (whose Certifi

    :cate sign’d by Jon Elder & John Given, Elders

    of ye Congregation of Aughadowy (in Ireland)

    I had receivd at their hands & propounded yeir

    Desires in ye forenoon) ^ manifested their willing

    ^ wo also

    :ness to Submit to ye Discipline of our Church)

    were Baptized. __

    The Same Day there was a Contribution in


    the Congregation for the Relief of Mr John

    for Mr

    Paterson of this Town ________


    __ 31. Thomas Rice junr & Mary his Wife confes-

    sed their Sin of fornication, were restored & Admit -

    :ted into our Communion & their son Asa & yeir

    Daûter Melliscent were baptized.  also

    Cornelius Cook & Eunice his wife made ye like

    confession of ye same sin. They were restored

    He own’d ye Covt & she was admitted into our

    Communion & Jonathan yeir son was baptized.