Church Records


    Begun  January  14th __ 1789. ___


    At an Ecclesiastical conven’d in Westborough

    Jany 14

    January 14 - - 1789 by virtue of Letters

    missive from the Church of Christ in

    Westborough, for the purpose of ordaining

    Mr John Robinson; consisting of the

    following Churches by their Pastors and

    Delegates or as repristented by their Dele

    -gates.  _____




    Deacon James

    The Church in Upton Revd Elisha Fish   Bradish

    Mr Ephm Whitney

    (Deacn Nathanael

    The 2Church in Midway Revd D. Sanford    Patridge

    (Capt Eliakim Adams

    (Deacn Jonas Stone

    The Church in Shrewsbury Revd J Sumner   Col Job Cushing

    (Deacn Paul Newton

    The Church in Northboro Revd Peter Whitney)

    (Deacn Seth Rice

    The Church in Franklin Revd N Emmons  ( Capt Ebinezer Dean

    Deacn Josiah Adams

    The Church in Mendon Revd C Alexander

    Deacn Seth Chapin

    Deacn Josiah Sawyer

    The Church in Berlin Reubin Puffer

    Deacn James Godard

    Deacn Saml Stone

    The Church in Marlboro Revd A Packard

    Mr Joseph Howe

    The Church in Yale College __ ___ ___ ( Mr Ebenezer Fitch

    The Church in Milford __ __ __

    Deacn Seth Nelson

    Deacn Ebenezer Read

    The Church in Southboro __ _  __  Deacn Gideon Newton

    Mr Nathan Bridges

    Mr Asahel Matthews

    The Church in Grafton  __  __

    Deacn Jonas Merriam

    Deacn Joseph Batchelor

    Mr Silas Warren

    The Church in Hopkinton  _ __

    Doctor Jeremiah Stinison

    Deacn Stiphen Kinsman